Who are We?

The story of MOTTÓ Construction Ltd started back in 1982. After the liberation of the Hungarian market, the owners of the MOTTÓ Construction Ltd grounded a company specialized in underground and hydro-construction works.

Since 1987 they left their full time works and focused on developing the MOZAIK Ltd, which were transformed into MOTTÓ Construction Ltd in 1992. In the beginning of 1990 MOTTÓ Construction Ltd limited its activities into special underground works, which was niche in the Hungarian construction scene.

In that period our company grew from a small-sized enterprise with 20 workers to a bigger with 30 employees, then to a market leader in the Hungarian shaft construction business.

Nowadays we employ full time over 60 workers and we have an extensive range of machinery covering the needs of most of the underground works.

Our services include a wide range of underground works, civil and industrial constructions, roads, irrigational works, hydropower plants, drainage system, and transformer station construction. We are prepared to solve problems such as shaft sinking in water bearing and unstable soils, pre-fabricating and placing reinforced concrete structures, trenching, and work pit shoring.

We have a pre-casting site, steel and metal work yard, garage for trucks and heavy-machinery. We can provide stainless steel structures, pipework for the water and sewage industry, precast and place PVC lined shafts and concrete structures in adverse conditions and renovate corroded and damaged concrete structures with on-site concrete repair and/or PVC coating.

Our Main Activities

  • Special underground construction; shaft sinking in adverse conditions
  • Construction of pump stations
  • Well-foundations and beam grid foundations
  • Excavation pit shoring with steel sheet systems (LARSEN, CS-2M, Pátria sheets)
  • Large diameter sewage construction with precast and ceramic pipes
  • Construction of large capacity drinking and firefighting water reservoirs
  • Excavation of organic pools
  • Structural renovation of old shafts and pump stations with PVC coating
  • Waterproofing of underground structures
  • Bridge construction
  • Structural construction of irrigation and drainage systems
  • Fabrication of stainless steel structures
  • Installation and pipework and pump station
  • Leasing and service of construction machinery
  • Leasing of labour